How We Treat Abnormal Breast Shapes


An abnormal breast shape that occurs with some frequency is the constricted breast. In this condition the inframammary fold is higher than normal and somewhat tight. It may also be straighter across rather than curved. Often there is deficient breast volume in the lower part of the breast. There is also a very short distance from the nipple to the inframammary fold. Typically an implant is used and the nipple may also need to be moved. Also, manipulation of the internal surface of the glandular tissue may be required to get the implant to sit in the pocket appropriately.


A more severe variant of the constricted breast is the tuberous breast. In this situation, the inframammary fold is higher and tighter and the distance from the fold to the nipple is reduced. The areola is usually wider than normal. Most of the glandular tissue is concentrated around the areola creating a narrow breast. Because the breast is narrowed the distance between the breasts are wide. The tuberous breast may consist mostly of fat or mostly of glandular tissue. The condition may be mild or severe with a small amount or a large amount of breast tissue. There may be asymmetry between the two breasts.

This condition is treated by lowering the inframammary fold, reducing the areola size, and manipulating the internal glandular tissue. Since the tuberous breast is an unattractive breast shape and is usually smaller than desired, an implant is often used to create a larger breast, therefore, a more attractive shape is given to the breast.

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